Mabel of the Anzacs: A Friendship for The Ages


It was nice to see our favorite characters, Eva and Zoe from the  Intertwined Souls series, as well as minor characters and to catch up with Eva and Zoe after their immigration to Australia three years after the war. I love reading historical fiction, and this one really interested me because a lot of the historical facts in this story involved nursing during WW 1.  Mary D did a great job integrating  fictional characters and their story into a fascinating period in history.  This was personal for me because my mother was a nurse and my aunt was a nurse in WW 2, achieving the rank of lieutenant. My aunt probably did many things in her service as Mabel did as a nurse in WW 1.

I am giving this book four stars instead of five, not because of the content of this story but during the first half of the novel, I found several grammatical errors that took me out of the reading zone I was in. The story itself though is worth overlooking the errors.
If you are a historical fiction fan, especially of WW 1, you will enjoy this book. If you have read the other books with Zoe and Eva, you will love this book.  This is considered a standalone book but I urge you to read not only this one but also the other books in the Intertwined Souls series.


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