Under A Falling Star – A Review


Jae has created a memorable, funny and heartwarming masterpiece of a romance with ‘Under a Falling Star’. Jae consistently manages to create the perfect settings, plots and characters, and weaves them together to make the perfect romance.
In this story Jae uses a little magic to help her characters, Austin and Dee meet and fall in love. She has the story begin in the magical season of the Christmas holidays. She uses a little magic with a wishing Christmas tree and of course the star tree topper that brings the main characters together in a rather startling way.
This story is filled with humor, angst, drama and love; all the elements that you need for a good romance. The characters are believable, and the setting is perfect for the story.
I also enjoyed seeing two old friends, Dawn and Aiden, from Jae’s book ‘Conflict of Interest’. I’ve always liked how Jae will sometimes link characters from some of her other books and allow us to see how they are doing.
I have certain books that become favorites of mine. These favorites are the ones I end up reading over and over. ‘Under a Falling Star’ has been added to my list . I bet it will be for you too.


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