Lost For Words – A Review




Andrea Bramhall is a brilliant author who has already created some fantastic and award winning books in her writing career, but with her newest book, ‘Lost for Words’ she has reached a new high. I chose to read this book because I had already read several of her other writings , and figured I would enjoy her newest romantic comedy. Little did I realize what an emotional and glorious read this book would be. Yes, it is a romantic comedy, but at the same time it is so much more. Ms. Bramhall doesn’t just pull on your heartstrings with this story. She grabs them and uses them in a tug of war that I can promise you she will win. She will have you laughing loudly one minute and a few pages later reaching for tissues to wipe your tears.
The story revolves around Sasha who is living with her mother to help her after she recovers from a medical condition that has left her needing assistance around the house. Sasha is happy and settled in her life as a massage therapist, a shy, self conscious screen writer, and helpful daughter. Her mother Fleur, and best friend Bobbi feel she deserves better in life though, and secretly enter one of her scripts in a writing contest. That one action changes the lives of most of the characters you will meet and come to love . It definitely changes the life of Jac, the co-owner of the movie company that is running the script contest. Bobbi’s life will also be changed as well, and Fleur…well, Fleur is a story all by herself. You have to read this book if for no other reason, to get to know Fleur.
I love the fact that Ms. Bramhall has cleverly woven elements of the fairy tale ‘Peter Pan’ into the story. This technique creates an almost magical feel to aspects of the story. You will quickly recognize Jac as Peter, but I will let you figure out the comparison of the remainder of the characters.
I give this book my highest recommendation. If I could give it ten stars I would. You must read this book! And Ms. Bramhall, if you are reading this, I have two things to say and ask. Number one, Fleur is Awesome! Number two, could we possibly have a story for Bobbi sometime in the future? Pretty please with a little pixie dust sprinkled on a very special cake?

Lost For Words can be found at  Ylva Publishing

Have you read this book yet? What did you think?



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