Travels With Foxfire – A Review


I gave this book four stars at NetGalley and Goodreads!

‘Travels With Foxfire’ is a lovely addition to the Foxfire series of books. I’ve been reading the Foxfire books over and over since the very first editions came out in the early seventies. Since I lived my early years not that far from the Appalachian Mountains, it was like going home reading these stories.
‘Travels With Foxfire’ spends most of the book recounting the lives of different people that had and still have made a difference in this region’s history. This is so important since without this effort, much of this history could be lost.

Reading the story of Dori Sanders was like sitting down and reminiscing with an old neighbor. I can’t wait to try some of her her recipes.Learning about the history of Southern Appalachian music was fun too.
If you love to read about the history and culture of people and places, this is the book for you. And after you are finished with this book, go back to the first Foxfire books and get those as well. You will not only have a great time reading, but will be also helping to preserve the oral history and culture of our country.



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