Precipice of Doubt – A Review



I give this book 5 stars!

There is no doubt about it, ‘Precipice of Doubt” gives the reader a wild emotional roller coaster of a ride. Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler have created a beautiful and heart-warming romance.
The story revolves around Veterinarian Jodi Bowman and her assistant Cole Jamesian. Jodi has lost confidence in her skills as a vet due to a few bad outcomes with patients. Cole tries to help her regain her confidence as a skilled vet, and of course, sparks fly as the two become closer.
We also get to see more of the main characters from a previous book by these two authors called ‘To Be Determined’. Charlie and Pip are close friends with Jodi and Cole and in this book we learn of their continuing relationship and some of the obstacles they must overcome as they also try to help Jodi and Cole.
This is a lovely workplace romance filled with love, friendship, animals, action, and hurt-comfort. If you love all these elements in your reading material, then this is the book for you. I know I enjoyed it and I can highly recommend ‘Precipice of Doubt’.

You can find this book at both Amazon and Bold Strokes Books



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