The Shape Of You – A Review

Four Stars!



I had very mixed feelings for ‘The Shape of You’ by Georgia Beers. Ms. Beers is an exceptional author, and it shows in the way she handles some difficult issues in this book.
The two main characters in the story have kind of a rough beginning. Spencer Thompson’s fiancee has signed her up for a “Be Your Best Bride” exercise class at the local gym without consulting her. The class is being taught by Rebecca McCall, a personal trainer at the gym. Sparks fly almost as soon as the two meet at class, but the sparks are not necessarily good ones to begin with. When Rebecca finds out how Spencer was signed up for the class, she has an immediate negative reaction to Spencer that taints how she treats her in class. The sparks are not all negative, however, and this leads to some very interesting and and earth shaking events (for these characters anyway).
I have to admit I spent the first half of the book yelling at Spencer to please find her backbone. I was also a bit ticked at Rebecca at the way she was treating Spencer. There was once or twice during that first half when I almost stopped reading the book, but I couldn’t. Ms. Beers had hooked me with the characters and the story. I had to see how everything ended. That told me right there what a good author she is.
I was very glad I did read to the end, and I know you will be too. You can find this book at Bold Strokes Books

I was given an ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.


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