Contract For Love – A Review


Five Stars!

What an exceptional character driven, slow burn romance Alison Grey has created with Contract for Love! The character and plot development in this story is truly amazing.
At the beginning of the story we meet Sherry Miller, a young, single mother working two grueling and low paying jobs just to try and keep her and her young son Jake from becoming homeless. Then we meet her polar opposite Madison (Mad) Fielding, a very unlikable, hard partying money hungry snob of a young woman who only cares about her drinking buddies, her parties , and getting as much money as she can to continue this lifestyle. Mad’s problem is the fact that her grandmother, who is even more unlikable than Mad, is threatening to disinherit Mad from the family fortune if she doesn’t change her ways. When Madison accidentally meets Sherry, a wild idea forms in her mind to use Sherry, her son, and Sherry’s best friend Rita Mae to prove to Grandmother Eileen that Madison has changed her ways and become a family woman. This involves all kinds of interesting plot lines that include a bit of blackmail, and other actions that eventually change the lives of most of the characters in the story.
I am in awe at the clever way Ms. Grey created and grew these characters and allowed us to see them grow and change throughout the story. She is a master of character development. That is what makes this such a great story. You really don’t want to miss this one.
I debated on whether to give this book four stars or five. I consider four stars to be a very good story and five to be exceptional in some way. One of the things I ask myself when I’m considering the stars is, would I read this book more than once. I guess you can see what my answer is from the five stars I gave this novel.


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