Food For Love – A Review




‘Food for Love’ by C. Fonseca is a sweet, slow burn lesbian romance. It is the type of book that you can take to the beach or spend a lazy weekend reading and enjoying.
The story takes place mostly in the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula of Australia where injured professional cyclist Jessica (Jess) Harris must go to settle her deceased brother’s estate. One of those business dealings included a friendly loan to a rural restaurant owner and chef Lillian (Lili) McAllister. As Jess gets to know Lili, her daughter Aruishi, and their family and friends, an attraction grows between the two women. The budding romance doesn’t flow smoothly, however. Both women carry emotional baggage from the past that they must overcome before they can truly trust their hearts.
This is not an action packed angst filled thriller. It is a sweet and slow romance. I loved the setting of the story and was actually envious of the characters for being able to live in such a lovely place. I also liked the emphasis the author placed on family.
If you love a slow and lovely romance, then try ‘Food for Love’.

(I was very pleased to give a fair review in exchange for an ARC.)

You can find ‘Food For Love’ at Ylva


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