If It’s Easy – A Review


‘If It’s Easy’ by Carolyn McBride is a lovely speculative fiction short story set in a small northern Ontario community. In the story we meet Coriander Wolf, an author who has lived a rather secluded life here for a while. While writing one day on her laptop she discovers a very strange fact. It seems that her laptop has become the home of a Djinn. She also meets a new member of the community, Devi Aradesta not too long after this. Coriander and Devi become rather close friends in the story and Coriander finds out some very interesting facts about Devi’s life.

I loved the story and found myself wanting to read more about these characters. This story is a complete read that leaves you wanting more. It is easily read in one sitting and keeps you interested all the way through. You really do want to read this short story. It is only in e-book format at several different e-book sources. You can find it at Kobo, Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and many other digital retailers. Give it a try.

I do have a confession to make. I know the author. I even live in the community this story is set in. I also know that the book this story introduces you to is about two thirds finished.

If you would like to stalk the author, visit her blog, sign up for her newsletter and get advance viewings of her work, you can find that url below,
Words & Worlds



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