In Fashion – A Review


‘In Fashion’ is a contemporary romance about a rich and gorgeous celebrity, Darcy McGregor who uses her popular UK television show to take “ordinary” people and restyle them to be what she calls rejuvenated and stylish. Her life is flowing normally until Darcy meets her next show challenge in the form of Kate Bonvilston, a self assertive security guard whose mother secretly signed her up for the show hoping to help Kate in her love life. The sparks fly as soon as the two meet and only grow in severity as the minor characters around them add fireworks to those sparks.

I’m actually in a quandary over this review. I really had trouble with the narrative of the book, especially during the first half. I could not get into the characters or see much of a connection between them.I also found the narrative choppy, probably because a lot of the narrative included the thoughts of the characters without showing in some way that they were thoughts and not just narrative. That pulled me out of the story and made it harder for me to enjoy. Once I realized how the narrative had been written, I kind of changed the way I was looking at the story, and I began to enjoy the book more. I really liked the story by the end. I just wish I could have enjoyed it all the way through.I can recommend this book with the note that the reader may have to adjust the way they read the narrative. There are three stars at the top of this review, but if the review sites allowed it, you would see three and a half stars for this review.

You can find ‘In Fashion’ at Ylva Publishing

I was fortunate to be given an ARC in return for an unbiased review.


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