Fenced-In Felix – A Review



‘Fenced-In Felix’ is a great addition to Cheyenne Blue’s Girl Meets Girl series. This book is number three in the series, but since all of the books can be read as stand alone stories, you can start with this book if you wish. I’ve read the stories out of order and enjoyed them all.

This story is about Felix Jameson, a businesswoman who owns and runs a small campground in the Outback of Queensland in Australia. When Felix meets Josie, a drifter working at the bar in the nearest town, she wonders if she might finally have met someone she could fall in love with, but there is a mystery involving Josie and the horse she wants Felix to board for her. This mystery could not only hurt Felix and her business, but might break her heart as well.

I met Felix in the second book of the series called ‘Not-So-Straight Sue’, and I’m really glad that Felix got her own story. I like the way Ms. Blue weaves the stories and the characters together in the books, but still manages to keep them as stand alone stories. It was fun to see Sue and Moni from book two and even Ger and Nora from book one in this story line. I’m also envious of these characters being able to live in such a beautifully described setting. I do hope I get to visit the area one day.

‘Fenced-In Felix’ is a heartwarming love story with a beautiful setting and a pretty complicated mystery surrounding the romance. I can definitely recommend that you read ‘Fenced-In Felix’ as well as the other books in the series.

I was fortunate to receive this book as an ARC from the publisher in return for an unbiased review.

You can find this book at Ylva


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