The Music and The Mirror – A Review




I simply cannot believe this is Lola Keeley’s debut novel. The word perfect comes to mind when I think of this book. It is one of the best written books that I’ve read in quite a while When an author can take a reader into a story that is totally alien to her and make the reader feel and live that story through her words, you know you have a great author and a superb story. Lola Keeley did just that with this reader.

I almost didn’t choose this book , mainly because I know so little about dance in general and ballet in particular that I wondered if I would be bored. For those of you thinking the same thoughts, let me put your mind at ease. You will love the story even if you know absolutely nothing about ballet.
This is a character driven story, and the characters are vivid and realistically written. I quickly fell in love with Anna and Victoria. They were so well developed they became almost real to me. Even the minor characters became friends and/or adversaries as I read. I loved with them, laughed with them, cried with them and hurt with them. In effect, I became totally invested with the story and with the characters. I hated to see the end of the book, and I’m very sure this will be one of those books that I will read more than once.

This is an excellent first book, Ms. Keeley, and I will be looking avidly for many more.

For the month of October 2018 only, this book will be on sale at the publisher’s site, so go grab it now!


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