One Way Or Another – A Review



Take one lovely but rather shy primary teacher named Bethany Keane who has not dated in years; add Sarah Connolly, a gorgeous corporate lawyer and outrageous flirt who has lived most of her adult life believing that the best relationships should only last one night. Add in a chance meeting of these two characters in front of a sex shop in London and watch the sparks fly.

‘One Way or Another’ by A.L. Brooks is the latest book in The Window Shopping Collection at Ylva Publishing. These are all standalone novels that all begin with the main characters meeting in the same type of setting. ‘One Way or Another’ is a fitting addition to this collection. I enjoyed every minute of this book even though I wanted to grab Sarah by the shoulders and shake some sense into her at times. The story is a straightforward, opposites attract, slow burn romance and is just fun to read. The only real criticism I have with the story is that I wish the story had continued further than it did. I wanted to read more.

There are some sex scenes in the story. They did meet in front of a sex shop after all, but it was refreshing to see that the characters used safe sex practices. You don’t often see that in romance stories.

I can enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance. It is a great read. You can find it here

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher for an honest review.


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