Yule Love Her – A Review



Yule Love Her by Jodi Hutchins is a beautiful romance about two women, Bec Strom and Joy Stevens, who accidentally meet on the metro bus when Bec is late to work one day just before the holidays. This chance meeting is the beginning of a heartwarming love story as the two become closer over this magical holiday season. The story is charming, the characters are well-developed, the setting is gorgeous, and there are enough questions and angst in the plot to keep you reading until the end.

I really liked this story. It is sweet and sexy and at just over seventy pages, short enough to read in a couple of hours. It makes the perfect novel to read on a wintery afternoon in front of a fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate. I recommend this lovely novella to all who love a sensual romance.

I received an ARC from Net Galley and NineStar Press for an honest review.


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