Ticket To Love – A Review

Ticket to Love by Donna Jay is a steamy contemporary romance you will definitely want to read. The story begins in Australia when Tara’s mom finds her in a compromising situation with her girlfriend. Mom has a fit and she ships Tara off to Tara’s aunt and uncle who live in New Zealand. While living with her aunt and uncle and working to become a mechanic, she meets Katherine, her aunt’s boss and rents a room in Katherine’s house. As they settle in the roles of landlord and tenant the two become friends and then something more.

This is actually something of an angst filled romance that is also quite steamy in places. There is an age gap between the two main characters, and one is also dealing with the death of a partner though it happened before the story begins. The characters are well-developed and the chemistry between the two is smoking even though at first glance they seem to be opposites. It is really lovely to read how the two come together and help each other with the problems they end up facing. The New Zealand setting is also absolutely gorgeous.
There are explicit sex scenes and some mild BDSM, but the story is mainly about the romance between the couple. I can highly recommend this to any adult who enjoys a good steamy romance.


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