Breaking Down Her Walls – A Review



I absolutely loved Breaking Down Her Walls by Erin Zak. This is a charming contemporary romance set on a cattle ranch near the Colorado Mountains. When Julia Finch’s car breaks down in a tiny Colorado town, she is forced to go to work as a ranch hand at Bennett Ranch to pay for the repairs. There she meets Elena Bennett, the owner of the ranch and her teenage son Cole. The meeting between the two women does not go very well since Elena did not know that Julia had been hired by her ranch manager, but the attraction between the two is undeniable. Both women have darkness in their pasts that affect how they interact with each other in the present. Julia herself ended up at the ranch because she was running from her demons and one of Elena’s dark spots shows up in the form of an ex coming back wanting to reunite with her.

It is really refreshing to see how the two main characters work through the angst that is inevitable in this story. This is a slow burn romance, but the chemistry is obvious and strong almost from the beginning. Breaking Down Her Walls made me feel good, and I believe you will feel the same when you read the book.

I received this book from Net Galley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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