A Wish Upon A Star – A Review



A Wish Upon a Star by Jeannie Levig is a charming, heartwarming, slow-burn romance that will leave you with that awww feeling as you read. The story is about three people, Leslie Raymond, Erica Cooper, and Erica’s special needs daughter Siena. Leslie is moving into her parents’ old home after a breakup with her former partner. Erica and Siena live next door and the three meet when Siena comes over and begins talking with Leslie. There is an instant connection between Leslie and Siena and an instant attraction between Erica and Leslie. Then there is Gus, a stray dog Leslie picked up traveling from Florida. In my eyes, he turns out to be one of the best characters in the story besides Siena.

This book is a little different than your usual lesbian romance. For one, the main characters are both mature women in their early fifties. Both women have to deal with old baggage from their past relationships that include abandonment and trust issues. It was nice seeing the characters have to work on their issues, instead of having “instant love” solve all their problems. Erica and Leslie had to work together and separately to recognize and overcome the issues they brought to the relationship.

I also liked how Siena’s disability was handled in the story. As a proud ‘other mom’ of a high functioning autistic child, I can assure you that Siena is drawn believably. While every person on the spectrum is different, there are certain quirks and signs that are easily recognized, and the author handled this perfectly with Siena.


I really enjoyed this novel and can recommend it to all who love a sweet, different, feel-good romance.

I received an ARC from Net Galley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

You can find this lovely novel at Bold Strokes Books


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