Heart of The Devil ~ A Review




Heart of the Devil by Ali Vali is actually a prequel to the Cain Casey Devil series, which is the reason the book has been given the designation (Cain Casey 0) though it is technically the most recent of the Devil books published. If you are new to the Devil series, then this book is a really a good place to start. If you have read the series already, you must read this one simply to see how these two very special characters came to be a couple.

This novel is truly the beginning of the Cain Casey story. In this book, we see how Cain and Emma Verde meet and fall in love. We get to watch the truly romantic and rather old-fashioned courtship from the moment they meet until they become true and loving partners. However, as with all the Devil books, this one also has its share of bad guys and violence. You will be introduced to a variety of characters, some of whom will not make it through all of the novels. This tale is filled with federal agents as well as other crime families trying desperately to bring the Casey family down.

Heart of the Devil is a complex and intriguing tale with something for everyone. I do need to warn you though. This story is addicting. Once you start to read, you will be hooked on the characters and the story, and you won’t want to stop until you have devoured all of the books in this series. That is what happened to me anyway. It is a good thing that there are at least six and a half (one novella) more books to read after this one. Good luck and happy reading.

You can find this wonderful book at Bold Strokes Books


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