Love On Lavender Lane ~ A Review



Love on Lavender Lane is a lovely romance, the type of story I expect and look forward to when I see the author is Karis Walsh. Ms. Walsh seems to excel at stories that are character and relationship driven rather than action-adventure tales. This book is a good example of her style.

With Paige Leighton and Kassidy Drake, Walsh has created two vibrant and realistic characters. The two characters have an instant attraction to each other that is evident throughout the story. The setting is nothing short of spectacular, and Walsh’s descriptions make you feel like you are right there. She doesn’t describe the setting, she makes you live it. I’ve always loved the settings of her books.

This is a very slow-burn romance. Most of the book has the two flirting and trading jokes with each other. I saw a good deal of romance, but not a lot of passion except in the characters thoughts. The one sex scene seemed rushed and happened rather late in the story. I would have loved to see the two come together a bit sooner with maybe one or two of the sex scenes the two characters fantasized about.

Love on Lavender Lane is a flirty, humorous, sweet, relationship-driven romance that will make you smile, chuckle, and say “aww” as you read. If you like a good slow-burn romance, you will like this one. If you love Karis Walsh romances, you should love this one.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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