Heart Block ~ A Review




Heart Block by Melissa Brayden is one of those heartwarming stories that you want to settle down in a cozy spot and read/listen to when you are having a bad day. Just reading it will make you feel better and maybe bring a smile to your face.

This is a story of two women meeting and falling in love in spite of the fact that there are huge differences in their lives. Sarah is a single mother working in the family cleaning business. Her daughter, eight year old Grace has a medical problem involving her heart. Emory was raised in a high society family and is driven by their expectations to make a name for herself in business even though she secretly just wants to paint. The three meet by chance when Emory hires Sarah to help organize the home of Emory’s deceased mother for sale. Of course, the attraction begins and the sweet romance builds from there. All is not smooth in this story, though. There are quite a few roadblocks and some heartbreak involved in this tale. I’ll let you read and find these out.


This is a lovely and sweet romance. The characters are likable and real. The story will make you smile and perhaps bring a tear to your eyes at times. The audible version, which I listened to, is excellently narrated.

I recommend it to all who love a good romance.




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