A Lover’s Mercy ~ A Review




I really enjoyed A Lover’s Mercy by Fiona Zedde. This novella is the sequel to The Power of Mercy and continues the story of Mai Redstone and Xóchitl Bentley, both of them metas who live in Atlanta. Both are college professors to the regular humans who live and work around them. Mai is also secretly the super-heroine Mercy who helps those in crisis. Xóchitl is a meta enforcer, sort of a police force for metas (humans with super powers). No regular police force could handle corrupt or criminal metas so the enforcers are used to police their own.

In this sequel, we see the story through Xóchitl’s eyes in first person narrative. This is a bit limiting because we can’t see Mai’s viewpoint as we did in the first novella, but this book really is more about Xóchitl and what she has to go through to help Mai with her powerful family. There are some dark parts to this story, as well as some violence, but I think one of the main themes is really the love interest between Mai and Xóchitl. This romance began in the first book and becomes a major part of this one. Xóchitl must learn to balance her feelings for Mai against what she must do as a meta enforcer. It isn’t easy and causes some angst.

The blurb says that you can read A Lover’s Mercy without reading the first novella, and technically that is true. It’s my opinion that you should read both stories in order. Reading both books will give you a better insight into the characters and the events in the second story. You will have a better depth of knowledge for the characters’ actions.  I enjoyed both novellas and can recommend them to anyone who loves a good adventure story.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.




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