Not The Marrying Kind ~ A Review




Jae is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is so clear and vivid. I’m a very happy reader when I know I have a Jae book to look forward to. I’m also glad to say that Not the Marrying Kind made me as happy as all of her other tales.

Not the Marrying Kind is the sequel to Perfect Rhythm. The setting is the same for both stories; a small town in Missouri called Fair Oaks. Readers of the first book will also recognize many of the characters, including the two main characters for this new novel. Not the Marrying Kind tells the story of Ashley Gaines, the one florist in Fair Oaks, and Sasha Peterson, who runs the town’s bakery. The two are thrown together when Leo and Holly, the main characters from Perfect Rhythm, ask for their help with Leo and Holly’s wedding. In spite of knowing each other since childhood, Ash and Sasha find a growing attraction to each other as they work to make the wedding a success. However, Ashley has a secret she has kept from almost everyone. This secret could derail any attraction the two have begun to feel for each other, and could lead to heartache for both.

Jae has done an excellent job recreating the setting and continuing the story line of all the characters in both books. I’ve always loved how she allows us to revisit our favorite characters from her other books. Somehow, that makes things seem more real, to me anyway. I was also impressed at how Jae took a character from the first book who was portrayed as almost a ‘bad guy’, and turned her into one of the main characters of this story. Ashley was complicated and not a very nice person to Leo and Holly in Perfect Rhythm. Jae showed us why in Not the Marrying Kind, and even made her likable, though still complicated.

This is a beautiful sequel to Perfect Rhythm, and I encourage you to read that book before this one. Both books are wonderful reads, and I believe reading them in order will only enhance your enjoyment of both.

I received an ARC from Ylva for an honest review.



































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