The Last Seduction~A Review




I chose to read The Last Seduction by Ronica Black mainly because of the author and the cover. I didn’t read the blurb until after I received the novel. Later I wished that I had read the blurb, because I was expecting a more light-hearted romance. The cover gives you that impression, but this book is definitely not that type of story.

The novel is well-written. I would expect nothing less from such a talented author. This book, however, is a serious, fairly realistic story about two women who are going through some really tough challenges in life that have seriously affected their relationship. Sasha and Hannah have been in a long tern relationship for at least fifteen years at the beginning of the story. Together they have raised a son who is now eighteen with life issues of his own. Hannah is suffering from the physical and emotional after-effects of breast cancer and Sasha has chronic and life threatening kidney disease. The book begins with the two women breaking up, and most of the book deals with the two trying to learn to live apart, even though they still love each other. As I said, this is not a light romance. It is a very serious and realistic look at life as a couple with ups and downs, heartache and angst.

I wish I could have enjoyed the story more than I did. I had two problems though. One may have been my original expectations based on the cover of the book. The other problem is that I never connected with the main characters. They are both well-developed and realistic. I had problems with their actions while they were separated from each other; and how rushed the ending was. I will mention here that the cover does portray something that is mentioned in the story, but you won’t read about that scene until the very end of the book.

This is really a well-written novel covering serious and realistic life challenges. If you like that type of story then I believe you may enjoy this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.



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