The Love Song of Sawyer Bell~A Review



I thoroughly enjoyed The Love Song of Sawyer Bell by Avon Gale. This is a sweet and steamy romance about two young women from a small town in Tennessee. Victoria is a singer/songwriter with her own band. When the band’s fiddle player is unable to go on their summer tour, they advertise for a new fiddle player and Sawyer Bell answers the ad. Sawyer is an extremely talented violinist who has one more year at Julliard, though she is questioning her commitment to her studies at the school. When the band members hear her play, they immediately hire her, and they begin the tour just a couple of weeks later.

Most of the story takes place on the tour, and I must tell you that the writing was so good that I wanted to go back in time and find a band to tour with myself. The characters and the events they live through are very realistic. From the pot smoking, beer spewing bands they work with, to the gypsy like life they have on the road, I was totally pulled into the tale. The passion that Victoria and Sawyer have for their music onstage and for each other offstage is perfectly blended into the story.

Any book that makes me stay up until two in the morning to finish because I can’t put it down,  even though I had to get up early the next morning is worthy of being placed into my favorites folder. That is exactly what happened with this story. If you like a steamy love story with music as a major part of the plot, and a little angst to add zest, you will definitely enjoy The Love Song of Sawyer Bell.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Carina Press for an honest review.



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