All She Wants~A Review



When I read a book written by Larkin Rose, there are a few things I am certain I will find. I know there will be steamy sex scenes, and I know there will be a good many of them. Also, the characters, especially the main characters, will be strong-willed and kick-ass types who will clash at first, but will have great chemistry. All She Wants has all of those elements and more.


Tessa Dalton has entered a contest she means to win. She wants to be the new wedding planner for a very popular resort in Colorado, and winning this contest will make that dream come true. Her plan may be threatened by a one night stand filled with mind blowing sex with a beautiful stranger. Things become problematical when she finds out the next day that the stranger is Marci Jones, the liaison for the contest crew leaders. Tessa is a crew leader. Thus begins a pretty complex and complicated plot.

I enjoyed this book. I connected with the characters and could easily see the chemistry between the two. That is a must for me to enjoy this type of tale. There is some angst through the story, and sometimes I didn’t agree with some of the main characters’ actions, but that happens in real life too so I can’t complain. I can tell you that this is a good steamy love story that was fun to read. If you like your romances steamy with strong, brash characters, then this might be the book for you.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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