Cost Of Honor~A Review



When I chose to read Cost of Honor by Radclyffe, I knew it was the most recent in a series of novels that I have not read. I normally don’t like jumping into a series like this, but I REALLY wanted to read this story. I know how accomplished an author Radclyffe is, and the blurb sounded so good that I decided to just get it anyway. I am very glad I did.

This is definitely an adventure and intrigue tale with obvious political tones as well as a great deal of romance from couples in past novels. There is also a new romance between Secret Service Agent Oakley (Oakes) Weaver and the president’s new campaign manager Arianna (Ari) Rostoff. The author does a wonderful job of weaving the intricate political intrigue with the new romance. At the same time she lets the reader see how some of their favorite former main characters are faring in this complex world.

As a brand new reader to this series, it took me a chapter or so to recognize who the past characters were and to catch up with their stories. After that I was hooked and thoroughly enjoyed this novel. For those of you who have already read the other books in this series, you are definitely going to want to get this one. If you are like me and this is your first read in the Honor series, be prepared to add more books to your wish list. I’ve already done that, and can’t wait to start reading.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.

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