Daughter Of Fire:The Darkness Rising~A Review



Karen Frost is going to make me like fantasy stories if she keeps this up. Daughter of Fire: The Darkness Rising, the second book in the Destiny and Darkness series is definitely action packed. The second book begins where the first book in the series, Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark left off. Aeryn, a young war mage-in-training, Lyse, a healer-in-training mage who  Aeryn is attracted to, and several of her fellow students are facing grave danger as they discover a threat to the kingdom. The danger increases as they discover more and more of the evil plot and who is involved. Aeryn must eventually decide what she is willing to sacrifice to save a kingdom she doesn’t really feel a part of.

The first book in this series really was the world building part of the story. This book is where the action takes place, and there is a lot of action. This tale has intrigue, betrayal, conspiracy, and murder. There is also friendship, love, heroism, and sacrifice. In other words, you have all the elements of a fantastic story.

This is not a standalone novel. You really need to read both books in the series to understand and enjoy the overall story. Both novels are worth reading. I marked this as a young adult book, but I can tell you honestly that this (mumble, mumble) year old enjoyed the novel just as much as any of you young whipper snappers will, so don’t take that designation to heart. This is a story for all ages. Now, get off my lawn and go read these books.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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