Uncharted ~ A Review



What a wild and exciting ride Robyn Nyx has taken us on with her newest book Uncharted. This is the story of Rayne Marcellus and Chase Stinsen. Both are archaeologists, though Rayne works more as an antiquities finder and seller to the highest bidder, while Chase sees her job as a way of finding and preserving the past for everyone. Years before the story begins, Chase and Rayne had been friends and partners, but a betrayal caused a rift between the two that has lasted until the present day. When a very unsavory criminal approaches Rayne with a deadly plot to find a long-missing treasure, Rayne knows she must stop him somehow. But to do this, she will need Chase’s help. Together they must follow a dangerous path through the rain forest to find the treasure called the Golden Trinity before the even more dangerous criminals find them.

This is a very exciting adventure story set in exotic locations and with characters that will grab your interest and your heart. Ms. Nyx did an amazing job with the settings. We feel the heat, the gritty sand and the sweat the characters feel in the desert. We see the majesty of the rain forest in the eyes of Chase and Rayne. We feel the humidity, the bugs, and smell the stink of the mud near the river. Ms. Nyx makes the setting real to the reader through her descriptive words.

I must admit, I did not like Rayne to begin with. She seemed very selfish and self-centered to me, and actually that is a good thing, because that is who she was at the beginning of the tale. As the story continued, I began to see more of Rayne, why she is the way she is. I saw her grow into a better person which shows me how adept Ms. Nyx is at making her characters human and allowing them to grow.

Uncharted is an excellent novel to read if you are into action and adventure books with a lovely romance added to the tale. There is some violence in the story, though no more than you would expect from this type of book. I really enjoyed the story. If you like a novel with a good mix of action, adventure, and romance, I think you will like it too.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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