Big Girl Pill ~ A Review




I am a big fan of K.D. Williamson. Most of her books have ended up in my favorites list, so I had high hopes that Big Girl Pill, her newest novel, would be as good as her former books. Thankfully, this book not only met all my expectations, it exceeded them.

Maya Davis and Nina Sterling were best friends in college, but for the last two years they have been estranged, all because of that one explosive night they shared. Now Maya is going to see if she can purge the attraction she still secretly carries for Nina by being a part of her wedding to a man Nina has been seeing since college. Nina feels torn; almost like there are two Ninas. One is the Nina that wants to please the people around her, especially her demanding and controlling mother and her fiancé Drew who is also controlling, though in a nicer, more polite way. The other Nina is the secret one that wants to be free to do what she wants. This is the Nina that invites her former best friend Maya to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. But when Maya and Nina meet, will the sparks rekindle the fire that broke their friendship two years ago?

Ms. Williamson outdid herself with the character development in this book. All of the characters, not just the two main characters felt very real.  She also does a wonderful job allowing us to see the characters grow as the story unfolds. There is also a family element to the story. We actually get to see Maya’s family struggle to help each other and come together as a family should when they are needed. At the same time we see Nina’s family which is mostly dysfunctional, and how this can hurt those we are supposed to love. Most of all, this is a lovely romance with a good dose of angst running through the tale.

Ms. Williamson has penned an excellent story that is definitely going into my favorites list. If you enjoy a realistic romance with great characters and a beautiful story, get this book. You can find this book at your local Amazon store.

I received an ARC from Dirt Road Books for an honest review.


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