The Taking ~ A Review



The Taking by Celeste Castro is a very interesting fantasy novel. This is my first book by Ms. Castro, and also one of the few books I’ve read with shifters as some of the main characters. I have never been a fan of fantasy or books about shifters before, but I’m trying to broaden my reading habits, so I decided to read this one. I’m glad I chose this book.

The story begins in New Orleans where our main character Peachy is trying to steal a family heirloom (an amulet on a necklace) from the home of a very powerful Voodoo High Priestess. She manages to get the amulet but is caught trying to leave and is almost killed. Just before she passes out, Peach puts the amulet on. When she wakes up, she finds herself in another world and under the care of Noomie, a Fae woman and her sister Gabin. Noomie and Gabin are shifters. Gabin normally stays in her animal shape which is a two hundred pound mountain cat. Noomie is also a Seer and has healing powers which is good for Peachy since the sisters find her close to death from her injuries. Peachy is now on a distant planet populated with Fae beings with special powers. It is mostly a gentle planet, but the evil powers that were trying to hurt Peachy are closing in, and this spells danger for everyone.

It is fairly easy to tell the good from the bad in this tale. The bad characters especially are easy to spot since their evil just shines. The plot is interesting and had me hooked from the beginning. The good versus evil story line with the addition of going from our world (New Orleans) to a distant planet of Faes was bound to keep my interest and it did.

The story doesn’t really end with this book. In fact, we are left on a cliffhanger, so I’m assuming there will be a second book to follow. I will be looking forward to reading that novel as well.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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