Wild Rides ~ A Review




I’ve only reviewed a few short story collections in the past, mainly because I prefer longer stories. I’ve found that sometimes short stories have to leave out too much in the plot. Thankfully that didn’t happen with Wild Rides: And Other Lesbian Erotic Adventures by Sacchi Green.

In this collection you have fourteen well-written short stories. Most of them have been published before in other collections, so some may be familiar to you. All of them are well done with interesting story lines and well-formed characters. Yes, all of them also contain explicit sex scenes, but these scenes are a part of the story, not the other way around. These are not PWP (plot, what plot) tales. As with all collections, readers will like some tales more than others, but all of these are good, short stories. I have several that I really like in this collection, including “Lipstick on Her Collar”, a story set in Vietnam during the war. I also loved the ghost story set in Montana called “Spirit Horse Ranch”.

If you like well-written short stories with memorable characters, great plots, and steamy sex, then try this collection. I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites.

You can find your copy at your local Amazon.

I received a review copy from Dirt Road Books for an honest review.


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