Guardian Angel ~ A Review



As soon as I read the blurb for Guardian Angel by Becky Harmon (an excellent name for an author and no relation that I know of) I really wanted to read this book. I did enjoy the novel overall, though there were a few glitches.

The premise of the story is excellent and is what caught my interest immediately. The international setting is well described, and I loved reading about Mauritania, where the embassy in the story is located. I also enjoyed reading about what life is like in such an embassy. The idea of the ambassador (Ellie Turner) and the head of the security force hired to protect her (Angel McTaggart) falling in love in this setting is very romantic. The action and adventure part of the book is really well written and probably was my favorite part of the novel.

I did have a few problems with the story. The first half of the book needed more action than it had. For me, there was too much emphasis on embassy life and not enough action in the first half. The attraction between Ellie and Angel was very frustrating to read in the first half. They barely spoke to each other. Even their thoughts about each other were constantly changing. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever get together. The second half of the novel flowed much better, and I thoroughly enjoyed the action/adventure scenes. The romance picked up as well.  The ending is a bit rushed, but overall I liked this book.

If you enjoy a story written in an international setting with action/adventure and a slow-burn romance, you might enjoy Guardian Angel.

I’m giving this novel 3.5 stars and moving it up to 4 stars for the great action scenes, the excellent writing overall, and the author’s awesome name. (Just kidding on that last reason.) I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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