Vanishing Hour ~ A Review



Debut author Lisa King has written a compelling and enjoyable novel that caught my interest from the beginning and kept me turning pages until the very end. Vanishing Hour is an apocalyptic tale that follows two very unlikely companions through the horrors of a major disaster that kills off most of the world’s human population. Matthew Werner is a seventy-year-old man who suffers from what he calls his Not Normal. He becomes almost catatonic when he is forced to be around people so he has pretty much barricaded himself in his home and tries to ignore the tragedy happening outside his home. That all changes when twelve-year-old Ruby Sterling shows up at his door. The two are wary of each other, but they must learn to work together if they are to survive and find their way to possible safety at a place called the Horizon.

It has been a while since I’ve read any novels from this genre, but I must say this one intrigued me. This is definitely a character driven story since the tale is mostly set around Matthew and Ruby, and what they must endure to survive. Both have to not only learn to trust and like the other, but they also have to overcome their own problems. For Matthew that is his Not Normal and for Ruby it is the fact that she is sick with a brain tumor.  I especially enjoyed seeing Matthew’s character grow and adjust to this new and terrifying world. It was also uplifting to see the two main characters slowly grow to rely on each other. This growth turned what could have been only an apocalyptic horror story into an uplifting tale that ends with hope for the future, at least for these characters.

I can recommend this book to anyone who loves a good end of the world fantasy story. You can find it at Amazon. Ms. King shows great promise as an author, and I will be looking for more of her writing in the future.

I received an ARC at the author’s request through NetGalley and The Story Plant for an honest review.



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