Claiming Camille ~ A Review



Claiming Camille by Louise McBain is the kind of novel I love to have in my collection for the times when I’m having a really bad day. This is one of those feel good, it makes you happy to just sit and read it kind of book.

The story is sweet and tender with a few funny moments to break up the romance. The story itself is well written and is an easy read with a good pace. There is very little angst in the tale. There is a good amount of fairly steamy love scenes, however. The characters, both main and secondary are easy to connect with and likeable, especially the Kardashian kitties. (I will let you read to find out about them.)

There is one exception to what I just mentioned. I didn’t really think some of the actions of the ‘bad guy’ in the story really fit her character. I’m talking about one specific scene in the story which I can’t mention without adding spoilers. Her actions just felt wrong to me in that scene. Other than this, I have no problems with the story at all.

This is a delightful romantic read that should help improve any bad mood. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale and will be looking for more from this author.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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