To The Moon & Back~A Review



To the Moon and Back has everything I would expect in a romance novel by Melissa Brayden.

In this tale we meet Carly Daniel, a celebrity who is well known not only for her beauty and acting ability, but also for her partying ways. Because of this, she has become almost blacklisted in the film industry, and has to take a leading role in a stage production of a play at the esteemed McAllister Theater in Minnesota to try to improve her reputation in the business. There she meets Lauren Prescott, the head stage manager for the production. Lauren had once desired a career as an actress herself, but settled in behind the curtains after trying and failing to make it as an actress. Sparks fly almost immediately when the two meet, but is this just a showmance that will end with the play?

Ms. Brayden is obviously very knowledgeable in theater production, and this definitely comes across in the setting and the story itself. She has created a beautiful story with characters easy to fall in love with, and just the right amount of angst to keep the reader guessing and reading to the end. I became totally invested in these two characters, and really wanted them to have a happy ending together. However, Ms. Brayden put quite a bit of conflict in their paths, and that happy outcome became very questionable. That’s the mark of a good romance. It’s also what kept me reading until the end.

If you love a good romance with lovely characters, a great story and possibly a happy ending, then pick this one up soon.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.



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