Undercover Justice~A Review



“Undercover Justice” by Carolyn McBride is a lovely short story set in the time of the Old West. It tells the tale of a drifter who has come to a town in search of medical help. The drifter finds that the town is under the thumb of a really bad man and his hired thugs. When those hired men begin turning up dead, no one has any idea who may be doing it. Could it be the young drifter, and why would they care about the people in this town?

This is a very enjoyable historical fiction short story. It is easy to read with well-developed characters and a good story. It is a great tale, entertaining and short enough to read in one sitting. I can recommend it to anyone who likes a good historical fiction western style story.

I beta read this short story for the author, and this is an honest review from that beta reading. You can find the short story here, or if you aren’t a fan of Amazon, go here.


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