Goldenrod ~ A Review



For the past week I’ve been privileged to be able to enjoy reading about the people in the town of Jericho through the books in the “Jericho Series” by Ann McMan. Yesterday I finished reading the third and (possibly?) final book in the series called Goldenrod.

This book continues the story of Syd, Maddie, Henry, and all the other wonderful folks I’ve met in the first two books with the addition of a few new people. As with those first two novels, the reader finds a good deal of love, laughter, and fun. Some of the secondary characters in books one and two become more main characters in this one. We see the tale, not only through the eyes of Syd and Maddie, but also through Henry and his friends Dorothy and Buddy. This novel has more of a dark undertone throughout the story in the form of homophobia and the possibility of child abuse. This makes this particular novel a little bit darker than the first two.

The best part of this book, as it is with the first two novels, is with the people created by the author. They have such depth and character; you expect them to be folks you could go and meet in real life. As I said above, I’ve spent the last week with these characters in the town of Jericho, and I really didn’t want to leave them when I finished the book. Neither will you.

Goldenrod is a wonderful third novel for the Jericho Series, with enough unanswered questions at the very end to make me hope there will be a fourth book sometime in the future. Until then, I hope you will read this entire series in order. I’m sure you will love the books as much as I did.

Thanks to Bywater Books for a copy of this novel, and this is my honest review.



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