Running Deep~A Review



During the past month or two I’ve been looking for books that can give me a little respite from all the bad news that has consumed most of our lives. Thankfully Running Deep by Bette Hawkins is just the kind of story that I needed.

This is both a friends-to-lovers and a second-chance romance since the two main characters first fell for each other as teenagers before something happened to separate them for ten years. The story is sweet and easy to read with a lovely setting and likeable characters. The setting is the late eighties for the flashbacks to the main characters’ teenage years and the “present day time” is the year 2000. The author did a pretty good job of showing what the two may have faced as a same sex couple during those years. Ms. Hawkins is very good at writing stories in different time periods and making them believable. There is obviously some angst in the tale, but for the most part it is an uplifting story that I really enjoyed.

If you would like to read a lovely romance that will take you away for a little while, then try Running Deep.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bella Books for an honest review.


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