Waiting For You~A Review



I’ve been a fan of Elle Spencer for a while now, her last two books especially are permanently located in my favorite-book list. I’m happy to tell you that her current novel, ‘Waiting for You’ is now also added to that favorites list.

This story has all of the wonderful traits that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Spencer’s novels. It is interesting, different, and believable even with the idea of characters from past lives meeting again. The characters themselves become real to the reader. I’m sure I could go to Salt Creek and meet Ren, Lindsey, Patty, Deb, and even Mrs. Stokely at Deb’s coffee shop, “You Mocha Me Crazy”. The striking humor that I expect to see in Ms. Spencer’s books is front and center in this story as well, along with the angst that she uses to break your heart as you read. Don’t worry, she does a good job of mending those broken hearts as well.

‘Waiting for You’ is a fitting addition to Ms. Spencer’s catalog. I’m happy to be able to recommend it to all who love a book that is full of laughter, tears, and a great deal of love.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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