Home ~ A Review



Home by Jenn Alexander is a beautiful romance about love, family, and what home really is.

The story revolves around Rowan Barnes who has moved to Texas to her dream job as the grill chef in an up and coming restaurant called On the Range. It is a huge step for her future, but the move to Texas from Portland, Oregon is like moving to an alien world, and Rowan is horribly homesick. The only good thing she can find about Texas is Kate Landreth, the beautiful rancher that On the Range buys their beef from. But will Kate be enough to keep Rowan in Texas, or will her homesickness eventually pull her back to Portland?

This is a well-written story. Ms. Alexander has nailed what Rowan went through as she moved from one area of the country to another . Considering the differences in the two regions, she would have not only had the expected homesickness, but would have also suffered from culture shock as well. (I know this since I kind of went through this same culture shock in real life, only in reverse.) The author is spot on with the feelings she gave to Rowan. Both Rowan and Kate are well-developed with an obvious connection. The descriptions in the story are amazing, and I’ll warn you now that you will probably become quite hungry as you read this novel. Remember, Rowan is a chef in Texas, the home of some of the best BBQ and southern comfort food in the South…or maybe the world.

I also must mention the awesome cover design for this novel. It is beautifully designed by Ann McMan (TreeHouse Studio) and fits the story perfectly. Covers really are important since they are the first thing a possible reader will see. This cover will definitely help you feel like you’re in Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and recommend it to all who love a good, well-written romance.

I received an ARC from Bywater Books for an honest review.


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