The Road Home~A Review



Wow! I’m absolutely blown away by Erin Zak’s newest novel, The Road Home. I feel as though I’m going to need an entire thesaurus to share my thoughts about this book with you.

This is a story about a family in crisis. It is a dysfunctional family that has been torn apart by bad feelings, hurtful words and actions and the inability to forgive. But now there may be a pressing need to try for forgiveness, if they can. This is not going to be easy for Gwen, the daughter who is returning after seventeen years away to help her sick mother. She also has to deal with Lila, the woman who seems to have taken Gwen’s place in the family. What Gwen finds even more disturbing, she and and Lila seem to have a connection, a spark that they can’t shake.

Family is obviously the main theme of this romance, but there are so many layers to this theme. There is loss, heartbreak, anger, and hard feelings. At the same time you will see understanding, forgiveness, growth, love, and romance. In other words, you will see a family living through all the ups and downs that life will throw their way.

The writing in this book is excellent. The characters are perfect, the story is heartbreaking and heart lifting at the same time. The romance is beautiful and the overall tale really is uplifting.

This novel has definitely been added to my favorites list. Any book that can make me cry, laugh, frown, and smile as much as this one did deserves to be there. I will give this warning, when you sit down to read this novel, and you must read this novel, make sure you have a big box of tissues close by. You will need them.

I received an ARC from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.


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