Dare To Love~A Review

A.L. Brooks is one of those consistent authors that we all love to read. You know when you get one of her books that it will be interesting and well written. That is definitely the case with her latest novel, Dare to Love.

This is a slow-burn, coming-out romance. Ash Taylor is a tattoo artist with her own business. She used to be a corporate banker until she decided to leave that stressful job to run her own tattoo shop.  Carmen Lyttleton is a successful talent agent who has always considered herself to be a straight woman, at least until she meets Ash. There is such a connection, a spark that gets stronger every time the two women are together. The attraction is strong, but there are many obstacles in the way to true love for these two women.

This book is a companion novel to Ms. Brooks’ Write Your Own Script, and you will find the main characters in that book are fairly important secondary characters in this one. I do love seeing characters that I’ve connected with in other stories continuing to thrive in new tales.

This book also deals with a main character finding her true sexuality later in life. This is refreshing since it happens more often than you think in real life. Ms. Brooks handled this well from the perspective of both characters. There is also a secondary storyline in this novel that shows Ash’s young niece questioning her own sexuality, so you actually have a chance to see two people from two very different age groups going through the process of coming out.

All of the characters in this novel are well-developed and realistic, both main and secondary characters. The romance is heart-warming and I had a good time reading it. Though Dare to Love and Write Your Own Script are companion books, you do not have to read them both to appreciate them. However, I can recommend them both as lovely romances you would definitely enjoy.

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing for an honest review.


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