Silver Ravens~A Review



As many of you may know by now, I’m not generally a fan of high fantasy. I actually try to avoid the genre whenever I can. There are certain exceptions to this, however, and one of those exceptions seems to be the fantasy novels that Jane Fletcher writes. Silver Ravens is the second novel I’ve read by Ms. Fletcher, and just like the first one, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Silver Ravens begins in the real world where we meet the main character, Lori Cooper, and learn a little about her life. The fantasy begins when Lori is lured through a portal into the land of the Fay, called Annwyn. There she finds herself a captive, strongly encouraged (aka forced) to decode several scrolls for the Fay queen. Lori finds that Annwyn is definitely not the fairyland she read about as a child, in spite of the surface beauty of the place. There is evil, intrigue, deceit, and danger everywhere. Lori finds that she can’t trust anyone, not even Tamsin, the attractive captain of the Silver Ravens, the human guardians of the queen. It’s too bad because Lori is also really attracted to Tamsin.

Ms. Fletcher has created a world both beautiful and creepy with an undertone of danger. You can feel the disconnect between the beauty of the land and the sense of “wrong” under the surface. The characters are also well-written, especially the main characters. This is an extremely slow-burn romance. The main thrust here is the action and adventure part of the story with the romance playing a secondary role for a good portion of the book.

If you love a good fantasy with lots of intrigue, action and a solid slow-burn romance added in, then I think you will really like Silver Ravens.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for allowing me to read and honestly review this novel.


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