The Love Factor~A Review



Quinn Ivins has definitely impressed me with her debut novel The Love Factor.  For her first novel, she has created a really unique and appealing story set in the late 1990’s during a time of great change for everyone, but especially LGBTQ+ folks.

The book is an age-gap/opposites attract romance between a professor and grad student, so it touches on several romance genres. This novel could almost be considered a historical fiction novel, but I refuse to mark it that way. You see, I’m about the same age as one of the main characters, and lived through this very turbulent time period myself. I’m not old enough to mark a significant period of my adulthood as historical, dammit! 😉

There really are many wonderful things I can say about this book. The setting, especially the description of the time period is spot on. The author did her research, and captures this era with all its political and cultural upheaval perfectly. She also did a great job in describing the statistical information so that this very math challenged reader could understand at least a little of what the main characters, Carmen and Molly, were involved with and studying. Probably the best part of the tale are the characters themselves. They are remarkably well developed and fit the time period and the story superbly. This is a good thing since this is a character driven tale. The connection between Molly and Carmen is also well done. It is a slow-burn romance, but you can see they belong together.

I really did enjoy this (definitely not historical fiction) romance, and I can recommend it to everyone who loves this genre. I will also be looking forward to more books from this author.

Thanks to Ylva Publishing for giving me the chance to read and honestly review this book.





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