Reasons To Heal~A Review



Reasons to Heal by Jenn Matthews sounded really promising when I read the blurb. I knew I liked Ms. Matthews writing. This is the third book I’ve read by her, and she is a consistently skilled writer.

The premise of this book is a really good one. I liked the story idea of a police officer trainee (Molly) being hurt on the job, and then becoming attracted to her physiotherapist (Kudzi). I loved the diversity of the story with Kudzi and her family being from Zimbabwe and Molly’s younger sister being deaf. Ms. Matthews obviously did her research on these two aspects of the story, and it definitely made the tale better.

My biggest problem came with the main characters themselves. I had trouble connecting with them, and I really didn’t like some of their actions toward each other. I actually liked Lucy, one of the secondary characters, better than I liked her friend Molly for most of the book.

This is a very slow-burn romance, which I did enjoy. I do think Ms. Matthews did an excellent job with the romance part of the novel.

Overall, this is just an okay story for me. There are parts that I really loved, but not having connected with the main characters left me disappointed.

Thanks to Ylva Publishing for the chance to read and honestly review this novel.



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