Blades of Bluegrass~A Review



D. Jackson Leigh has created a winner of a contemporary romance novel with Blades of Bluegrass. I was already a fan of Ms. Leigh’s writing, but this novel has made me fall even more in love with her work.

Almost all romance stories are character driven, which makes character development one of the most important aspects of the work. The character development in this novel is outstanding. Any of these characters, both main and secondary, could walk right out of these pages and be as real and you and I. Britt and Teddy, especially, are extremely well-written and very easy to connect with. The chemistry between the two is sizzling from the very beginning, even though it takes a while for both of them to recognize that, and even longer before they admit it.

The story itself is inspiring, heartbreaking, uplifting, and just plain breathtaking. Ms. Leigh did a wonderful job of researching the use of new and innovative bionic prostheses with both service members and veterans who have lost limbs while serving their country. She did a seamless job of integrating this research into her story.

This is a wonderful book filled with joy, angst, heartbreak and love. It will make you cry. I know because it made me cry. Don’t worry, though, because it’s also a very uplifting and beautiful story. It has joined my list of favorite books and I think it will be one of your favorites also.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for the chance to read and honestly review this novel.



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