Hopeless Romantic ~ A Review



I’ve come to realize that you can always count on Georgia Beers to write romance novels that are delightful, thrilling and fun to read. Hopeless Romantic, her newest contemporary romance, is just another example of how well she writes in this genre.

This is an enemies-to-lovers style story with engaging characters. One is a divorced wedding planner (Teddi) and the other main character (Leah) is the lawyer who represented Teddi’s ex in the divorce. When the two meet in the story, sparks fly for more than one reason.

The idea of falling for the lawyer who helped your ex almost ruin your life in a divorce really intrigued me, and was one of the reasons I chose to read this book. I wanted to see how Teddi could overcome what I felt would be an almost insurmountable obstacle. I would have had a really hard time forgiving, much less falling in love with, Leah in the same circumstances.

The tale is well written, and for the most part I believed in the story. The characters are realistic, and the romance is the kind that melts your heart. Of course there is some angst in the tale and these two do have some major difficulties to overcome, but this is a Georgia Beers’ romance after all. You have to expect that.

This novel is a great summer (or really any season) read with beautiful characters, some angst, and a great romance. If you are into love stories that will make your heart melt, then you should read this book.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for giving me the chance to read and honestly review this novel.


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