Meeting Ms. Roman~A Review

I’ve never been a fan of paranormal/shapeshifter stories until recently. The last few months I’ve read and enjoyed several books in this genre, mainly because of one of my favorite authors, Karen Williams. She enticed me with her recent novel, Coyote Blues, and now I’ve fallen in love with one of her short stories, “Meeting Ms. Roman”.

This is a well-written, paranormal / romance that involves several characters who may or may not be shapeshifters. The story is easily read in one sitting. It also packs quite a lot of excitement and romance in the pages. I’ve always enjoyed reading Ms. Williams’ writing. She has a smooth style that I just love, and I always seem to learn something from her. She must be an awesome teacher in her real life.

If you are looking for a paranormal short story that is easy and fun to read, then try “Meeting Ms. Roman”. You can find the story here.

Thanks to the author for allowing me to read this story for an honest review.


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