Art of Magic ~ A Review

Art of Magic by KJ is a beautiful, magical love story. It is a wonderfully romantic tale of two young women who meet as teachers in the same school Catherine Monroe (Cath) teaches in the English Department and Rica Diamandis teaches art. There is a connection between the two from the moment they meet, but Cath keeps her heart and her emotions well protected, at least until she gets to know Rica. There seems to be a magic about Rica that cuts right through all those protective layers around Cath’s heart. But will it be enough when the world throws all kinds of road blocks in their way?

This is pure romance with a touch of real magic thrown into the mix. It is a story about the need for trust between those we love, whether that love is between friends, family, or lovers. This theme runs all through the tale. It is a lesson that Cath struggles with in the book, but must learn if she is to have her happy ending.

The book is written in first person POV through the eyes of Cath. Since Cath is the character who must learn to trust her heart and her feelings, this is the perfect POV for this story. I connected with the main characters immediately. All of the characters are well developed. Many of the secondary characters are also in other books by KJ so they were already developed from those novels. The pacing of the book is solid and the story is easy to read. It really is a lovely tale.

If you like your romances with lots of love and a bit of magic, this is the perfect book for you. You can find the book here. Thanks to the author for allowing me to read this novel for an honest review.


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