Last Resort~A Review

Last Resort by Angie Williams is a contemporary romance about two women who both end up attending the “lesbian week” at a singles resort. Rhys Morgan is looking for her happily-ever-after partner while Katie is just looking to get through the week so her family will stop bugging her to find love. She has no intention of actually finding love, something she tells everyone, including Rhys, who she meets the first day. It’s too bad the chemistry sizzles for both of them the more they get to know each other.

The premise of the story is good, and sets up all kinds of opportunities for a push/pull relationship that hopefully ends in true love. Unfortunately, there was too much pushing away by Katie. It seemed she would never catch on to her true feelings about Rhys, and after a while, I really became irritated with her character. Since I’m a character reader, this is obviously going to affect my enjoyment of the tale. This is a slow-burn romance that ended up being a bit too slow for me.

I did like Rhys’s character, and the secondary characters are well-developed as well. The settings, mostly places around San Francisco, are beautiful and well described. Other than the one irritating character, and the romance being a bit too slow for me, I enjoyed the story.

I’m giving this novel a 3.5 star rating overall. If you like a very slow-burn romance set in a lovely resort area, you might like this book.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books

for an honest review.


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